Umbrella Technologies is one of the leading global Technology and IT enterprises, operating across three countries. UTi has made changes to foster a growth culture with a clear vision for the future. We are keenly focused on growth, open communication, and leadership by example, as we work diligently to expand our sales and deliver shareholder value.

Investing in our growth is a nominal expense to ensure that UTi continues working to maximize the growth potential of the company. With our past accomplishments of benchmarking our goals, we have learned that extraordinary companies have extraordinary goals. The company is presently strong and the future indicates strong potential.

We have lowered our production costs for our products and increased our margins and the margins of our distributors while keeping a competitive edge on pricing our products in the challenging markets of today. By virtually every measure we have met or exceeded our objectives and positioned the company for a strong finish in 2017 as well as a sound future for the years to come.
Our staff and consulting team have a passion for success in what they do every day, everywhere we do business. We remain fresh, relevant and original by knowing what to change without changing what we know. We are asking more questions, listening more closely, and collaborating more effectively with our partners and investors to give our customers the product they need, and provide our shareholders with the results that they deserve.