Circuitries – Design and Fabrication

Umbrella Technologies manufactures highly reliable circuit boards at competitive prices and lead times to support any prototype and medium to large production needs. UTi specializes in quick-turns for the aerospace, defense, semiconductor, and all other public and private commercial markets. UTi’s employees have a high level of engineering expertise and quality assurance to meet all our clients’ technological demands.
From design and fabrication materialized with our state-of-the-art LPKF® Circuit Board Plotters and high purity, through-hole plating machines to our advanced coating deposition technology, we can deliver on-time and well within budget limits. As we own all of our equipment and only staff top-notch engineers, we bypass the middlemen, lowering production costs and still producing circuitries with the highest level of innovation.
UTI is the leading Hardware Design Engineering Services company with clear leadership in the Concept to Manufacturing model. We focus on industry-leading engineering services such as: RoHS, WEEE, EMI / EMC / ESD, Prototyping, Manufacturing, BOM Optimization, PCB Re-design, Testing and Industry Compliances, and much more. Umbrella Technologies specializes in ‘spec to silicon’ ASIC, FPGA and Embedded Solutions.
Our robust processes, development methodology, expertise in complete system engineering including ASIC / FPGA (mixed signal), ESL (Electronic System Level), Board Design and Firmware have enabled our customers to improve the design cycle and achieve faster go-to-market turn-around times. We have also provided significant value to our customers through our reusable IP cores, automated test/verification frameworks and other solution accelerators. Our expertise spans across tools from Cadence, Mentor, Synopsys and others. This is why our leading-edge products are preferred by true prototype modelers throughout the world. Just like the products we offer, our aim is to bring accuracy, diversity, innovation and satisfaction to customers by providing exceptional service that goes beyond your expectations.
The mission of our professional engineers and excellent marketing team is to satisfy our customers’ needs, provide highly professional service, and deliver product excellence. Our reputation is unequaled for offering competitive pricing, punctual delivery and excellent one-stop service. In addition, we promise that we will protect our customers’ intellectual property and privacy.
We feature services in the following categories:
  • System/board services
  • System/board design
  • Embedded software
  • PCB design
  • Procurement and manufacturing
  • IC solutions
  • System level modeling and verification
  • SoC/ASIC design o FPGA / structured ASIC
  • Physical design & DFT
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Analogue & mixed signal