Data Logger Development

Umbrella Technologies has been building custom and prototype data loggers for over ten years. Many of our initial conceptions and designs have matured to full scale production. We believe you will find our equipment reliable and well designed. All products sold by UTI are built to order using only the highest quality components and are fully tested prior to delivery.
Data logger application areas:
  • Unattended weather station recording
  • Unattended hydrographic recording
  • Unattended soil moisture level recording
  • Unattended gas pressure recording
  • Food & pharmaceutical product delivery
  • Process monitoring for maintenance and troubleshooting applications
  • Wildlife research
  • Tank level monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Vehicle testing
  • Monitoring of relay status in railway signaling
  • Science education enabling ‘measurement’ and ‘scientific investigation’
  • Record trend data at regular intervals in veterinary vital signs monitoring
  • Load profile recording for energy consumption management
Custom data loggers serving:
  • Electric utility applications
  • Meteorological applications
  • Process industry applications
  • Mobile/vehicle test applications
  • Environmental studies applications
  • Mining industry applications
  • Water/wastewater utility applications
  • Water resource applications
  • Product engineering/R & D applications
  • Industrial applications
  • Biotech applications
  • Pharmaceuticals applications
  • High-tech applications