After more than four years of R&D, Umbrella Technologies is proud to announce the release of HDSems™, the universal, cost effective solution for any SEM digital imaging application. The HDSems™ is native to the Windows operating system. It digitizes images from any SEM via USB 2.0 into PC-compatible file formats. With a new ground-breaking, open-source architecture driven by a simple menu and user interface, acquiring, developing, and storing multi-channel SEM images is just the beginning.

We offer two versions:

10 bit
at 1200 pixels per row
16 bit
at 4000 pixels per row
The vertical dimension of an image is constructed automatically accordingly to the resolution of your SEM.

Core Features & Advantages

Power HDSems™ incorporates a powerful data acquisition engine that can capture 12 channels simultaneously with 16bit, 4,000 pixels/row resolution and then asks for more.
Value While our competition enjoys quoting out-of-this-world pricing in a “fixed marketplace”, we are determined to provide a fair price for a quality product.
Open Our software is made for multitasking with easy to use point-and-click features, but the best thing is that it’s completely open-source, free, supported, integrated into LabView and is continually updated by experts in the field.
Friendly The open-source software of  HDSems™ is built with the end user in mind. Standard features like on-screen control, image printing and automatic capturing & developing are all built into our intuitive point-and-click, fully customizable environment.
  • TV & photo mode
  • Up to 12 simultaneous channels
  • Automatic capturing
  • Flexible tagging
  • Selectable file format
  • On-screen control
  • Customizable configuration
  • Intuitive user interface
  • USB connection
  • Open-source w/ support
  • On-site installation
  • Image processing
  • Manual/auto contrast & brightness