iXFLO™ BioChem Sensor

Umbrella Technologies is proud to announce the iXFLO™ BioChem Sensor. iXFLO™ integrates biochemistry and electronics to alert health care professionals, researchers, scientists, first-responders, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and others to the presence of toxins, bacteria, viruses, spores and virtually any biological/chemical target; moreover, the iXFLO™ also has the capability to detect other unknown micro- and nano- scale biological and non biological matter in real-time. Setting it apart, the iXFLO™ has the integrated ingenuity of continually monitoring large volumes of liquid or air for the presence and quantity of targeted substances.
Since the mid-90s, Umbrella Technologies has been investing in research and development and product prototyping. The results of our research present a new era of sensor technology. Between 2003 and 2008, Umbrella Technologies was involved in the design and development of advanced biological sensors that have demonstrated sensitivity levels of 3*10^-18 g/ml (3 attograms per milliliter) in real-time (less than 20 seconds). The sensor has been tested on bacteria, spores, viruses and proteins.
Since 2009, Umbrella Technologies has been actively developing the new generation of the iX™ BioSensors for real-time, unbiased, multi-channel, large area bio-sensor technologies. The new design of the iX™ BioSensor line incorporates the latest innovations and discoveries of Umbrella’s unparalleled research team.
Umbrella Technologies is currently seeking strategic partners to help further implement the iX™ sensor technologies.