iXCE™ ChemSensor

Umbrella Technologies is proud to announce the iXCE™ ChemSensor as a new tool for industrial, research, scientific and pharmaceutical markets. The iXCE™ sensor is specifically designed for the detection and volumetric analysis for a wide spectrum of chemicals and gases in real-time. The sensor has the added benefit of continually monitoring large volumes of liquid or air for the presence and quantity of a targeted substance.
The advantages of iXCE™
  • Detection for a variety of compositions and mixtures
  • Small dimensions
  • Instantaneous & real-time detection
  • Low cost (disposable)
  • Real-time insulin pump control
  • Dimensional scales or in-array installations
  • Atto- scale sensitivity to hydrogen, oxygen, helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon…
Umbrella Technologies’ iX™ Sensors integrate biochemistry and electronics to alert health care professionals, researchers, scientists, first-responders, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and others to the presence of toxins, bacteria, viruses, spores and virtually any biological/chemical target in real time. The distinguishing feature of the iX™ line of Sensors is constant monitoring of biological, chemical and immunological reactions via direct electric signal measurement. Since the middle 90′s, Umbrella Technologies has been investing in research and development and product prototyping. The results of our research present a new era of sensor technology.
Between 2003 and 2008, Umbrella Technologies was involved in the design and development of advanced sensors that have demonstrated sensitivity levels of 3*10^-18 g/ml (3 attograms per milliliter) in real-time (less than 20 seconds). The sensor has been tested on bacteria, spores, viruses and proteins. Since 2009, Umbrella Technologies has been actively developing the new generation of the iX™ Sensors for real-time, unbiased, multi-channel, large area sensor technologies. The new design of the iX™ Sensor line incorporates the latest innovations and discoveries of Umbrella’s unparalleled research team.
Umbrella Technologies is currently seeking strategic partners to help further implement the iX™ Sensor technologies.