The SigmaOx™ is the answer the world has been waiting for. Many countries and regions all over the world have major difficulties providing fresh, pure, and drinkable water to its citizens. Imagine the ability to extract pure, distilled, drinkable water from the air without the need for overly complicated machinery or even electricity. This system is the future solution to fresh water deprived regions, brought to you by our U.S. based company, Umbrella Technologies, the forerunner in modern technological advances and research.
The SigmaOx™ atmospheric water extraction machine can be furnished and installed with ease. Our system can be utilized in disaster sites, urban, rural, and isolated communities to capture, purify and dispense water of superior quality on demand. With this device, your country’s fresh water problems are over.
The Technology
The SigmaOx™ works on a specific set of atmospheric physics in relation to dew point properties. The system measures 6 meters tall by 3 meters wide. It does not require a source of electricity, making placement possible in even the most remote regions and shortening setup time. In fact, the SigmaOx™ has the ability to produce its own limited electrical power that can be utilized for low-level electrical devices. The water production varies based on location and humidity factors. Setup time is relatively short and the unit can be placed on top of buildings or in an open space.
Our current model provides 100 liters of water per day. Other models can be easily scaled up to 500 -1000+ liters. Our versatile design allows the scale-up or scale-down to match your desires.
Depending on location and weather conditions, recovered water is comparable to distilled water and may require additional additives, such as salt and minerals, to make it suitable for human consumption. Filtration systems may be required if heavy amounts of air pollutants or smog are present in the area of operation. The SigmaOx™ system is fully computer controlled. It automatically adjusts based on the environment it’s placed in. The system is typically connected to the internet and is remotely controlled and maintained by our software. The system is virtually hassle and maintenance free.