Umbrella Technologies is proud to unveil its newest UGolf™ technology for real time, wireless golf ball flight characteristics and GPS tracking. Our unique approach in gathering real-time golf ball flight data has been in development for over two years by an international team of highly skilled Umbrella Technologies hardware and software engineers.

We have overcome significant milestones in power, data acquisition, data compression, encryption and transmitting while developing the device. Our proprietary power supply for the unit utilizes kinetic energy gathered from the initial stroke from the club and generates about twenty hours of power for the unit. This has been a ground-breaking milestone, as a viable power supply is the heartbeat of the functions for this technology. The technology can be scaled down to meet weight and cost requirements.
Umbrella Technologies has developed a series of software algorithms that calculate trajectory and speed in real-time while seamlessly compressing, encrypting and transmitting the information to the receiver. The combination of unique and proprietary power, hardware and software characteristics for this unit makes it near impossible to reverse engineer or even manufacture an identical unit. The UGolf™ technology’s communication protocol and platform can be expanded to include full audio/video capturing and broadcast capabilities.
Block Diagram

The block diagram represents the base sensors set; it can be easily expanded as requested by the customer’s application and requirements.