Our UDAQ™ technology is based on well-known processor architecture. The Microchip, Atmel, TI and other DSPs are merged with a machine-code based operation system produces a more optimized system. The elegant and memory-saving software architecture is very efficient in managing memory, timing, registers, ports, and other resources. This high-performance solution to the need for low power consumption and low cost hardware is the most superior on the market.
Outstanding solutions
For multi-channel and isolated multi-channel requirements.
Our UDAQ architecture is flexible in delivering any required parameters, whether they are 5kV voltage isolation or 1Gbit+ data rate per channel.
Udaq is not only dsp-based; it is adapted to the National Instruments and other data acquisition platforms .
Derivative of technology:
  • Sampling and detection of pollutants for the EPA mercury-3 and mercury-5 sampling standards.
  • Biological sensor output and control for iX™ line of sensors.
Our Can-Do team of engineers and technical staff has consistently incorporated new and innovative ideas into our data acquisition systems.