UNET™ – Fly-by-wire

UNET™ is a system of interconnected smart devices working together to provide you with crucial information. This system is fast and scalable to your needs. The most advantageous features of this system are its redundancy, rigid structural integrity and universal flexible foundation.
We have developed a series of different application units using PIC’s, TI’s, NEC’s and other controllers for different areas of data acquisition/representation/storage needs. The wide spectrum of sensor units includes:
  • Fuel level/low fuel limit reached warning unit
  • Fuel flow control and measurement unit
  • Fuel cap closed/open unit
  • Pressure, temperature, level data acquisition unit
  • Liquid flow, temperature, pressure unit
  • Differential pressure, temperature, ice detection unit
  • Vibration, acceleration, motion unit
  • PWM control unit
  • Remote control/acquisition unit
  • RS232 / USB interface, Centronics parallel unit
  • USkyLink(TM) wireless 14mb/sec full duplex unit
Most of our modules are upgradable to any combination of the above sensor units. This gives us the ability to be very flexible in manufacturing custom modules within a few weeks.
Modules are developed on surface mounted elements – they are small, low profile,and light weight, and they maintain a low level of power consumption and are equipped with a rigid structural design.
Some modules can work in a standalone configuration with direct push-button-like configurations, or they could form any combination of an array of sensor units. Up to 127 modules can be installed for one network setup. But if more units are needed in the same area, the UNET-Interconnect™ module could be used for network integration. All modules work with Self-Installation™ mode – “hands free”/”programming free” installation or upgrade: “Plug-and-FLY” configuration.
All modules are connected over a proprietary, full duplex, fully redundant, self-powered network with a data transfer rate 1kB/sec for UNET-AIR™ and up to 1mB/sec full duplex for UNET-FD™.
Over UNET™ network we connect not only sensor units, but also units for control, switching, measurement and display.
USkyLink™ module connects all networks wirelessly to any other network within a 2 mile line-of-sight.